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Discover new horizons with a Norwegian language course.

Would you like to learn Norwegian, but don’t have time to attend group classes? Our online language school has a solution for you! We invite you to join our Norwegian language course for foreigners, conducted in the form of individual lessons, so we can focus exclusively on your progress and needs. Let’s take a look at the offer of our online course step by step.


Individual approach – the key to success

Our Norwegian language course offer is aimed at both beginners and advanced students. Individual lessons will allow for the adjustment of the teaching pace to your level and needs. As a result, you will learn Norwegian effectively, and your skills will develop systematically.


Competent tutors – your guides in the world of the Norwegian language

At Krämer Language Academy, we employ only experienced tutors who have the appropriate qualifications and extensive experience in teaching Norwegian to foreigners. Their passion and commitment will make learning enjoyable for you, and each lesson will be incredibly interesting and inspiring.


Flexible schedule – tailored to your needs

We understand how important it is for you to adapt the course to your lifestyle. That’s why we offer a flexible class schedule that will allow you to learn the Norwegian language at convenient times for you. With our online course offering, you can participate in lessons regardless of where you are – all you need is internet access and a device with a camera and microphone.


No contracts and obligations – learn according to your own needs

In our online language school, we prioritize your comfort above all else. That’s why we offer flexible terms of cooperation, without contracts or obligations. You purchase lesson packages that suit your needs and learn whenever you want. This gives you full control over your development, as well as the time and financial commitment dedicated to learning the Norwegian language. It’s an excellent solution for those who value freedom and an individual approach to learning.

Support at every stage of learning

As a participant in our Norwegian language course, you can count on constant support from both your tutor and the entire online language school team. We are here for you to help you overcome any difficulties, motivate further development, and answer all your questions.


In summary, our offer of a Norwegian language course for foreigners in the form of individual lessons is the perfect solution for those who value comfort and flexibility of online learning. Thanks to our experienced teachers, effective teaching methods, and support at every stage of learning, you will gain proficiency in the Norwegian language and discover its fascinating world. We invite you to sign up!