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Legal English Course at Krämer Language Academy - The Key to Success in the International Legal World.

The Krämer Language Academy language school is proud to present its Legal English course, specially designed for those involved in law and wishing to expand their language skills. One-on-one lessons with experienced teachers allow for effective mastery of specialized legal language and the improvement of communication skills on an international stage.


Individual approach – 1:1 lessons tailored to the student’s needs

At Krämer Language Academy, we understand that every student is different and has their own goals and needs. That’s why our Legal English course offers exclusively individual 1:1 lessons, which allow for the pace and material to be tailored to the student’s expectations. During the lessons, the course participant can focus on specific issues that are crucial for them, and the instructor adjusts their approach to maximize the learning process.

Legal English – a language essential for legal professionals worldwide

Legal English is a specialized language that enables lawyers, legal advisors, notaries, and judges to communicate effectively on an international stage. Proficiency in this language is essential, especially when it comes to collaborating with clients and partners from other countries, as well as analyzing foreign legal acts or documentation. The Legal English course allows for mastering not only legal vocabulary but also understanding the grammatical and stylistic constructions characteristic of this language.


Wealth of subject matter – from contracts to human rights

Our Legal English course covers a wide range of topics related to international law. Course participants have the opportunity to explore subjects such as civil law, criminal law, constitutional law, public international law, and private international law. This is made possible by specially prepared materials and exercises that participants receive from their instructor. Participants can also work on practical skills, such as drafting contracts, legal pleadings, or analyzing case law.



Experienced lecturers – the key to success

The key to effectively mastering Legal English is learning from experienced lecturers who not only know the language of law but also have practical experience working in legal professions. At Krämer Language Academy, we employ only qualified teachers with rich professional experience who understand the specifics of lawyers’ work and the needs of students. As a result, course participants can count on professional support and practical advice at every stage of their learning journey.

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Flexible Scheduling – Tailored Learning to Fit Your Agenda

At Krämer Language Academy, we fully understand that legal professionals have tight schedules. That’s why our Legal English lessons are available at convenient times for the student, allowing for learning at any time, regardless of professional or personal commitments. Simply inform us of your availability, and our instructors will adapt to your schedule so you can reap the most benefits from individual classes.


In summary, the Legal English course offered by Krämer Academy is an excellent investment in the professional development of those in the legal field. Individual 1:1 lessons with experienced instructors, a wide range of topics, flexible scheduling, and tailored learning to meet the student’s needs make the learning experience not only effective but also enjoyable. If you want to gain a competitive edge in the job market, expand your language skills, and become an even more valued specialist in your field, don’t hesitate and enroll in the Legal English course at Krämer Language Academy today!