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If we were to summarize the philosophy of the Krämer Language Academy in a few words, we would use our motto: New approach in learning languages. What does it mean to us?

Instead of repetitive forms of learning – a living relationship with a foreign language.

Instead of monotonous exercises – the teacher’s personal mentoring.

Instead of dozens of hours spent over books – an intuitive interactive platform which monitors learning results.

Instead of many years of trying to learn a foreign language – great results in a short time.

Instead of frustration and dissatisfaction – satisfaction and full professionalism.

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Hello! My name is Nathalie Krämer, and I am proud to introduce you to Krämer Language Academy – a foreign language school of which I am a co-owner. My German roots, experience of living in Germany, as well as my education – I am a graduate of German Studies at the University of Warsaw – have all come together, forming a strong foundation for my approach to language teaching.

My passion for teaching the German language began several years ago, and over time it evolved into the idea of establishing my own language school. At Krämer Language Academy, we emphasize innovation and effectiveness – I have developed a unique teaching system that sets us apart from the commonly used methods in other schools. Our approach is tailored to the needs of each student, allowing for faster and more efficient language acquisition.

As a native speaker, I understand how important it is to grasp the culture and customs of a country in the language learning process. That’s why, at Krämer Language Academy, we not only teach the language but also help students understand the German-speaking culture, which facilitates a better comprehension and mastery of the language.

Krämer Language Academy is not just a school; it’s a community of language enthusiasts who want not only to learn but also to develop and deepen their language skills. I warmly invite you to join us and discover the joy of learning foreign languages!


Good morning!

My name is Kordian Pacierpnik, and I am a proud co-founder of Krämer Language Academy – not just a language school, but foremost a place where passion for learning meets practice.

My decade-long journey in England, passing through its bustling business centers and immersing myself in its rich culture, allowed me to perceive all the challenges faced by those learning a foreign language.

Thanks to my specialized experience in marketing, I energetically and devotedly oversee the promotional activities of our academy, continually seeking new, innovative avenues for its development. Quality and excellence are our guiding principles. We ensure that every client feels special, tailoring teaching methods to individual needs, both for beginners and advanced students.

But that’s not all! For those who value modernity and care about the environment, it’s worth mentioning that I am also the founder of a company specializing in photovoltaics.

I invite you to Krämer Language Academy! Here, language learning ceases to be a duty and becomes a true pleasure.

Natalia has been a true pillar of our school since its inception. With her deep passion for the English language and the ability to effectively convey knowledge, she has not only become an experienced educator but also an inspiration for many participants of our courses. She is the author of our guides and the STANAG 6001 video course. Beyond direct teaching, Natalia also shares her experience and knowledge with other teachers, conducting training sessions for our teaching staff.

She is not just a teacher – she is a mentor. Her individual approach to each student is based on a deep understanding of their needs and language abilities. Natalia not only knows the intricacies of the English language but also has a talent for helping others navigate them. Her teaching methods focus on practical language usage, ensuring that participants of her courses not only learn English but above all, learn to communicate. Teaching for her is not just a profession, it’s primarily a life mission.

Furthermore, Natalia is our expert in STANAG 6001 examinations. Thanks to her professionalism, many participants have passed the exam they once could only dream of. Her positive energy, passion, and commitment make learning with her a real adventure, turning every language challenge into a satisfying achievement.

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